Malibu Welcome Home and Birth Session


I’m not sure my little nephew Noah realized that he was about to become a big brother when his parents left him with grandma late one Thursday night. But the moment Levi was gently placed in his lap, we could all tell he knew that someone very special had entered our lives.

As an only child, I never had the opportunity to hold a younger brother for the first time, so being there for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, Sarah and Drew, when they introduced their two boys was not something I was going to miss. I had been on call for days to shoot the birth of Levi and was thrilled to be asked back the next day to shoot the meeting. When Sarah walked around the corner with Levi in her arms it was so exciting to catch the curious expressions that flashed across his two-year-old brother’s face. After hearing the word ‘baby’ for nine months, it was so cute to see Noah finally understand what it meant.

The bright morning light made this shoot feel so happy and simple, but the shadowy lighting at the birthing center the night before was perfect for a more intimate setting. As it was my first birth photography shoot the night before, I had imagined the room would be full of bright, clinical hospital lights, but instead the rooms were lit with soft glowing lamps. The shadows thrown by the lamps made it harder to shoot in high detail but made for some gorgeous moody shots of Sarah and Drew’s first moments with their son.

Shot by Californian photographer Lauren Newman

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