California Jewelry Road Trip Day 1

Last week I was lucky enough to be commisioned by jewelry blogger and gemologist, Gem Gossip in LA to shoot a series on her blog called Jewelry Road Trip. We visited six different California jewelry designer’s throughout our week-long trip and in this post I will share photos from the first two - VTse Jewelry - Anabel Higgins Jewelry - and I’ll show you a couple fun BTS photos! 


To start with VTse Jewelry! For security reasons, Victoria's workshop is in a location that is off the beaten path and the building only has a couple windows inside; so we worked right outside her workshop to utilize the daylight and concrete that surrounded us. We started about 10:30 in the morning, which was not ideal for lighting, but it was perfect in the shade. The second thing that made this shoot amazing was the white building and concrete that was reflecting light for us. 

DSC05304 copy.jpg
DSC05489-2 copy.jpg
DSC05345 copy.jpg


Now for part two of our day! This time we headed out of LA to Anabel Higgin’s beautiful home in Pasadena, Ca.  I had three lenses with me, but ended up using only the Sony 50mm f/1.4 and the Sony 90mm f/2.8 because of its ability to shoot sharp macro details. 



We had an amazing week and Danielle did a great job of recapping these designer visits! I really recommend checking out her posts here & here!

More from our week coming soon :) 



Jewelry Blogger: Gem Gossip

1st Designer: VTse Jewelry

PR: Luxury Brand Group

2nd Designer: Anabel Higgins Jewelry

Photography: Lauren Newman Photography