Jewelry Shoot with Communion by Joy | Lauren Newman Photography

As I clipped on my lens cap and flicked the power button to off, I knew that my camera had captured

more in this magical shoot than Joy could have imagined in her brief. As a Californian photographer, I

am blessed to work with some incredible businesses, but this shoot for jewelry label Communion by Joy

was on a whole new level.

We all agreed there was something in the air. It was one of those rare occasions that the whole shoot

was produced by women, and the studio was buzzing with positive energy. Everyone on site were so in

tune that the shoot flowed seamlessly. Brooke our model knew just how to pose for Joy’s aesthetic: natural,

intimate and simple, hair and makeup artist Dominique was on point, and the green velvet chairs and gold

accents gave the shoot an elegant touch.

Joy’s work is inspired by ritual and connection, so I wanted to make the photos feel intimate and refined.

I chose my 90mm lens to capture the jewelry and portraits exclusively. I used this lens because I knew I

was going to be able to get a lot of detail out of these images using that lens. In fact, someone once called

this lens the excalibur of lenses because of it’s level of detail. Fair warning, there are certain situations

you don’t want to use this lens. For example, if you’re shooting a close up of a model that doesn’t have

great skin, then that macro lens is going to highlight that and create more post production work.

However, Brooke has fantastic skin and I only made minimal edits to keep the final images looking

as natural possible.

For a shoot like this, aligning the little details makes a huge difference, and that takes teamwork. Since

moving to California, making new connections with amazing women has been high on my priority list,

and I felt so grateful for the team that Joy had brought together for her shoot. As we stood together, all

working our butts off doing what we love, I’m sure we all felt it. An appreciation for every single woman

there who had pushed through the fear and leapt into the unknown to do her own thing. Sharing that

moment and knowing that it was that courage that made these photos come to life, made me feel

pretty dang proud.

Shot by Californian Wedding photographer Lauren Newman.

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